Thursday, 7 July 2016

See The Top Seven Secrets You Don't Know About The Life Of Late Veteran Actress Bukky Ajayi

The Ace actress gave up the ghost yesterday. Check out some things you don't know about the late actress below

1) The late actress Bukky Ajayi was born Christian but converted to Islam and changed her name to Zainab.

2) She studied in UK.

3) She has worked has a presentation assistant in Nigeria Television Authority in 1966.

4) She started acting way back in 1970 and featured in the porpular "Village Headmaster".

5) Bukky Ajayi is Jazzman Olofin's grand mother in-law.

6) She has featured in so many Nollywood movies and soap opera's.

7) The late actress is diagnosed with cancer early this year and gave up the ghost yesterday 6th of July 2016.

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