Thursday, 7 July 2016

Patriotic Man... Have You Seen The Taxi Driver That Returned His Passenger's Purse Containing $187,000 (N68M) To The Police [See]

 A Boston, US taxi driver has allegedly returns his passenger's purse which contains close to $190,000 that he had left in his cab this past weekend.
The taxi man known as Raymond MacCausland "Buzzy" had picked up his passenger at downtown in Bouston.

After the day's work Raymond looked back at his back seat and alas he was seeing his passenger's bag when he opened it, he saw the whooping sum of money.
But as a good Samaritan, Buzzy returns the cash and the identification of the man to the Police. Boston police commissioner while speaking to the media says:
The driver's exemplary behavior and honesty should be recognized.


  1. Of cause it can happen , but there is just 1% out of 100% chance that it will occur in Nigeria.

  2. Good news . He is indeed a good Samaritan. Only someone with purpose and principle in life can do return money to the rightful owner.

  3. We still have people with good heart. It only work best in a country with stable economy..#where stack of cash is the least of your worries#
    Friends check this out;

  4. that's good.