Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Child saved after mom 'tried to drown them both in suicide attempt [Photos]

 A young mother and her two-year-old son were pulled from Lake Michigan on Monday in what police say was a suicide attempt.
 According to Fox news, police say the woman, 21, went into the water with her baby in her arms near the McKinley Marina on Monday afternoon.

Witnesses told police it appeared she was trying to drown herself and the child. The family has not yet been identified. The mother died at a hospital but the child was saved.
Miraculously the child was revived and Officer Tim Ptaszek called the baby's cries 'the greatest sound in the world.
'Initially seeing the child in the water is always kind of shocking -- but having to revive him, the greatest sound in the world is when he started crying again,' he said.
Police were called to the scene after fisherman saw the woman climb down a wall with her infant in her arms and then disappear into the water.

'The (woman) was located approximately 10-15 feet off the sea wall. 'The baby was a little bit closer. Just trying to get to them as quickly as I could and get them to my cohorts up on the shore, ‘Officer Tobias Golembiewski with MPD's Harbor Patrol told Fox.

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